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Born 5 April 1827 – Joseph Lister

Joseph Lister, born on April 5, 1827, in Essex, England, significantly advanced medical science by introducing antiseptic surgery techniques, greatly reducing postoperative infections and mortality rates. Inspired by Louis Pasteur’s research on microorganisms, Lister applied carbolic acid as a disinfectant in surgical procedures, a practice that became the foundation for sterile surgeries. His dedication to surgical cleanliness led to widespread changes in medical operations, greatly improving patient outcomes.

Lister’s innovations extended beyond the operating room. He advocated sterilising medical instruments and using antiseptics in wounds, practices that have become standard in modern healthcare. Passing away on February 10, 1912, in Walmer, England, Lister’s legacy is monumental, cementing his status as the “father of modern surgery.” His work paved the way for the safe and effective treatment of patients, making him one of the most respected figures in medical history.

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