Medieval Monarchs

The Medieval period in Western European history is generally agreed to span the years between the 5th and 15th centuries, typically beginning with the end of the Roman Empire and ending with the beginning of the renaissance which lasted until the 17th century.
This book is particularly concerned with a medieval period in England which spans slightly more than 300 years and specifically with the kings who ruled there during this time. It starts at the point of the great Norman invasion in 1066 which resulted in the crowning of King William I, who was otherwise known as William the Conqueror and ends with the death of Edward III in 1377 following his long 50-year reign.
Medieval Monarchs is a collection of short biographies which includes William and Edward and all of the nine other kings in between who were part of three major dynasties (and one minor one) during this period, namely the houses of Normandy, Blois, Anjou, and Plantagenet.

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