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Born 9 May 1874 – Howard Carter

Howard Carter, a renowned British archaeologist and Egyptologist, was born in Kensington, London on May 9, 1874. Although lacking formal training, his artistic talent landed him a position with the Egypt Exploration Society in 1891. He gained experience excavating and recording ancient sites by working his way up through the ranks. His unwavering belief in the existence of Tutankhamun’s tomb led him to secure funding from Lord Carnarvon for excavations in the Valley of the Kings. Finally, in November 1922, after years of searching, Carter’s team unearthed the entrance to Tutankhamun’s nearly untouched tomb. This discovery, considered one of history’s most significant archaeological finds, captivated the world and cemented Carter’s legacy. He spent the rest of his life meticulously documenting the tomb’s contents, passing away in London on March 2, 1939, at the age of 64.

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