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Born 31 March 1685 – Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach, born on March 31, 1685, in Eisenach, Germany, within a highly musical family, grew to become one of the most revered composers of the Baroque era. His body of work encompasses various musical forms such as cantatas, concertos, and keyboard music, illustrating his profound understanding of music theory and counterpoint. Bach’s role as a church organist and later as Kapellmeister at the Court of Anhalt-Köthen and then at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig allowed him to refine his compositional style, characterized by intricate fugues and rich harmonies.

His legacy, including masterpieces like the “St. Matthew Passion” and the “Goldberg Variations,” continues to influence musicians and composers, demonstrating the timeless nature of his work. Bach’s death on July 28, 1750, in Leipzig marked the end of an era, but his music remains a cornerstone of Western classical music, celebrated for its technical mastery and emotional depth.

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