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Born 3 May 1906 – Mary Astor

Born Lucile Langhanke in Quincy, Illinois on May 3, 1906, Mary Astor’s life was a fascinating mix of Hollywood glamour and personal turmoil. Pushed into beauty contests at a young age, she entered the film industry as a teenager during the silent era. Her delicate features and natural acting ability made her a star, but the arrival of “talkies” almost derailed her career due to concerns about her voice. She persevered, however, and found her most iconic role as the duplicitous Brigid O’Shaughnessy in the 1941 film noir classic “The Maltese Falcon.” Despite a long and successful career that included an Academy Award win for Best Supporting Actress, Astor’s personal life was marred by multiple marriages, a custody battle that exposed a shocking diary entry, and struggles with mental health. She retired from acting in 1964 and passed away in Woodland Hills, California, on 25 September 1987, leaving behind a legacy as a talented and captivating actress.

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